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LAST UPDATED : October 17th

Before You Do Anything Else

Listen Closely

Are you new to Giveaway Events? Does it all sound confusing? Do you want to build your own list with Giveaway Events but don't know where to start?

Let  Me  Help  You

My name is Ian Wilson and I have used giveaway events from when I first started online back in 2007 and have had a lot of success with them as far as list building and making sales goes.

I have decided to compile my experience into this FREE 59 page report with the intention of helping other people such as yourself to get started with list building using giveaway events.

Giveaway Events Explained For Humans

I named it “Giveaway Events Explained For Humans” because it’s not some rehashed PLR or spun articles that you first need a course in Alien to be able to understand it, it is all pure original content written by me personally in a language that any English speaking person can understand.

All the information in this book is based on my own personal experience over the years and it is intended as a guide to newcomers who are just starting to use giveaway events or are considering doing so but need to know how.

I have tried to cover everything you need to know including what you will need in the way of tools and software plus also some things to watch out for to avoid getting into problems, yes I’ve made lots of mistakes over the years so it’s my goal to help you avoid making them too.

I will also explain what you can do with all those e-mails and products that you will collect as you go along and hopefully by the end of this book you will have a good insight into Giveaway Events and what’s involved and you will be able to use the information to successfully build your own list and business. 

In  This  Book

 We  Will  C over

Pointing Man

bullet What Is A Giveaway Event?

bullet Before You Sign Up

bullet Signing Up To Download Gifts

bullet Signing Up As A Contributor

bullet Boosting Signups As A Contributor

bullet Promoting Without A List

bullet What To Do With All Those E-mails

bullet Making Purchases and Why

bullet What To Do With All Those Products

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